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Veganism. It conjures up images of  brussels sprouts, soy cheese, and hemp bread. Millions claim they’ve never been healthier. Just as many say they’re saving the planet. But is veganism really the answer?

Unfortunately it’s not. It sounds like the hip, trendy answer to health, but it is actually an unnatural way to live. People have been eating meat since the beginning of time. The first humans were even called hunter-gatherers because they hunted for meat and foraged for wild foods.

Losing weight, lowering cholesterol, and gaining more energy are some of the “benefits” that vegans give to support their lifestyle. But fat is undeniably important when it comes to vitamin and mineral absorption and cholesterol is actually not life-threatening like they’ve been telling us for decades. Not to mention all of the processed substitution-foods that vegans eat to make up for foods they miss out on.

Many vegans say they stay away from animal products because of the cruelty inflicted on animals by factory farming. Animal cruelty on factory farms is undeniable and the conditions in which they live are unhealthy and produce poor quality, and many times, diseased meat. But veganism is not the answer to the ridding of factory farms.

Boycotting animal products will not stop anyone from producing meat. And in the process of boycotting, your body will become malnourished. The answer is to switch back to traditional farming practices. That is the real root of the problem.

For more information on why a diet without animal products is unhealthy, check out Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions and Dr. Weston A. Price’s Nutrition and Physical Degeneration.